Supply Chain

It is essential that the flow of goods and services in a supply chain isn’t interrupted but the financial flow is also very important

About Xelar
Supply Chain Finance

Suppliers have to be paid before delivery, goods might have been sold on credit, large payments might be due at the end of the month, bulks unexpected orders might come in These are all financial situations that can affect your supply chain operations negatively and Xelar has finance solutions for you. 

Xelar Payables Finance

Managing sales, liquidity and vendor payments is a tough task for businesses. Xelar makes this task easy by financing your payables immediately after they become due. No more supply chain disruptions or unpaid suppliers, just agile financing provided by Xelar. 

Xelar Supplier Finance

Getting paid early is essential for suppliers and long payment terms can have serious implications. Supplier finance enables suppliers to receive instant payment on their invoices by connecting with their corporate buyers on Xelar.