Supply Chain

Xelar has developed a robust platform to help businesses manage their supply chain operations and maximize overall performance. 

About Xelar
Supply Chain Platform

Supply chain operations contribute significantly to the activities of every business and help in planning and executing the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. The efficiency of a company’s supply chain operations will determine its ability to execute sales orders, meet revenue targets, manage supplier relationships and avoid business disruptions. 

 Xelar has developed a robust platform to help businesses manage their supply chain operations and maximize overall performance. 


Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Buyers can request for quotations digitally from multiple suppliers and evaluate each quotation before deciding. 


Purchase Orders

Easily flip an approved RFQ into a PO and send immediately to the supplier on Xelar. 



Avoid delays caused by invoicing errors when your suppliers convert POs into Invoices and submit directly to you on Xelar. 


Supplier Management

Suppliers are important partners in the supply chain process and this is why they have a dedicated dashboard to transact with you on Xelar. Onboard multiple suppliers easily, evaluate them and determine your KYC requirements. 


Inventory Management

Record inventory items immediately a Goods Receipt Note is generated for purchases, approve inventory release requests and let Xelar monitor your inventory levels for you. 


Customer Management

Customers are your source of revenue so start maintaining their data with Xelar and monitor their orders. 


Product Management

Whether a business sells one or multiple products, it is vital to maintain product data, determine product locations, evaluate product performance and track product levels on Xelar. 


Sales Management

Managing Sales Orders is essential for every business. Omitting Sales Orders can result in poor sales performance so Xelar ensures that your order fulfilment team receives all sales orders and you can track progress. 


Logistics Management

Instantly book delivery of orders to customers directly with logistics service providers and track the delivery. Estimate delivery time from your warehouse or depot to the customer and choose the best delivery point. 


Warehouse Management

Quick order fulfilment relies on an organized warehouse and the ability to easily locate products within the warehouse. Easily create & complete Picking Notes, generate Outbound & Inbound Delivery Notes, create storage locations codes, transfer stock between warehouse locations and ascertain stock levels in warehouses.  


Production Management

Converting raw materials into finished goods can be a difficult process if not well managed. Xelar helps businesses document, calculate and forecast their production while managing areas such as raw materials inventory, sales orders, expected demand and production capacity. (Coming Soon). 


Data Centre

You need a central hub to view all your supply chain data in one place and Xelar provides this through Data Centre. Get quick information on Sales, Customers, Products and much more.