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Your digital supply chain solution should make your operations easier, not more complex. Xelar has the solutions and tools to improve overall supply chain efficiency in your business.  

All your key supply chain
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Why Xelar

Xelar’s value proposition is unique and simple.  

Help businesses increase revenue by digitally improving their supply chain operations and giving them the ability to finance these operations on the same platform. 

As businesses automate their supply chain operations, Xelar enables them to finance key areas through our finance products. 

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Xelar is an agile supply chain
solution for modern businesses.

Steady business growth depends on the ability to meet customers’ demands promptly, deliver sales orders seamlessly, monitor product availability and share vital information across the organization. 

A strong buyer-supplier partnership is key for sustained business growth. This is why Xelar provides a free supplier dashboard for your suppliers to digitally transact with you on quotations, purchase orders and invoicing. You and your suppliers have access to real-time information on status of RFQs, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payment Dates etc.. 

Start monitoring trends within your supply chain and get valuable information on your products, customers, suppliers, cashflow and sales. 

Manual processes create gaps that affect your business negatively. Xelar gives you visibility into areas that can lead to disruptions and cancelled orders. Get visibility into product availability, inventory levels, upcoming payables, product sales performance and more. 

All teams that play a part in your supply chain operations shouldn’t work in silos. With Xelar, key processes such as sales, procurement, logistics, inventory, warehousing and others are linked for real-time information circulation across the business. Go a step further to assign user roles and approval workflows to become a fully automated business. 

When You Need It.

Get quick access to working capital to boost supply chain operations and avoid disruptions. Xelar Supply Chain Finance gives businesses access to Payables Finance and Supplier Finance. (Coming Soon)  

Take Control of Your Order
To Delivery Process

View Product Availability. Record Sales Orders. Commence Order Processing at Warehouses. Book Deliveries to Customers and Track under Logistics Management. Close Sales OrdersXelar puts you in full control from the moment your customer places an order to when the order is delivered to the customer.  


Get Customized Solutions
for Your Business

Every supply chain is unique and could have a system or process that is peculiar, yet important. At Xelar, we are keen to understand our clients’ businesses and can design custom supply chain features for various use cases. 

Reach out to us to discuss how to discuss your use case and get it included on Xelar for your team.